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Baskin-Robbins' New May Ice Cream Flavor Is Like Brunch In A Bowl
Baskin-Robbins is unveiling not one, but two new perfect for days when you feel you could have ice cream for breakfast. The ice cream giant will debut its Breakfast in Bed flavor and a pancake-inspired cake called the Tall Stack Cake.
Breakfast in bed promises to serve up "all your breakfast favorites in one pink spoonful," according to Baskin-Robbins. The flavor offers up the flavor of buttermilk pancake with maple syrup, bits of fluffy pancake all mixed in with a blueberry compote, and just in time for Mother’s Day, too!
Baskin-Robbins is also bringing out an ice cream cake resembling a stack of pancakes, the Tall Stack Cake. It even comes with a caramel praline topping that mimics the look of syrup as it drizzles across the top and side, as well as a scoop of vanilla ice cream reminiscent of a blob of butter.
The regular introduction of new flavor concepts, such as Breakfast in Bed and the Tall Stack Cake, is just one of the ways the venerable ice cream chain is working to stay relevant in a very crowded market. The company recently announced a "back to basics" rebrand and plans to continue seasonal releases like these.