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Bar Moruno's Salmon Martini Takes Weeks To Prepare
Shaking up your own martini may take work, but planning to prepare your drink for weeks in advance is a much greater feat. That's exactly what happens at Bar Moruno, a vibrant establishment on Los Angeles' Sunset Boulevard, where one martini made with smoked salmon takes nearly three weeks to prepare.
It takes a while for gin to take on the flavor of smoked salmon, and while the concoction sounds odd, salmon gin is actually a delicious savory addition to cocktails. The technique to make the drink is known as fat-washing, which involves mixing fats or oils with distilled liquors and chilling the combination until the fat congeals.
Before the alcohol is served, the layers of fat are removed, resulting in a buttery-smooth spirit imbued with flavor and richness. Bar Moruno perfects their drink by blending the infused gin with a sweeter blanco vermouth to help balance out the richness, and fitting a caperberry garnish is added to round out the unique martini.