A bartender working at The Elk Room
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Baltimore Has A Victorian Speakeasy That Plays Games With Your Mind
Baltimore’s The Elk Room embraces the allure and mystique of Prohibition era-speakeasies. In fact, you’ll need to look for an Italian eatery to find their hidden entryway.
Guests can enjoy the chandeliers, candles, and taxidermied animal decorations, as the flapper-dressed staff serve drinks from a menu that’s filled with games and riddles.
Inside The Elk Room is a separate members-only section that offers cigars, as well as a poker room that provides a private space for friendly competitions.
The drink menu features playful categories like “Comfortable and Fun” and “Heavy and Adventurous.” While they wait, guests can attempt to decipher the menu’s riddles and games.
The Elk Room offers many creative cocktails and serves food from its sister restaurant, Monarque, for hungry guests. Esquire named The Elk Room one of the best bars in 2018.