Close up of caramelized onions
Balsamic Vinegar Is The Secret To Caramelized Onions In Half The Time
If you can't spare the 45-minute to an hour cooking time, balsamic vinegar is the secret ingredient that'll act as
a flavorful shortcut to caramelizing onions.
Add sliced onions to a skillet with olive oil and butter. Once they become translucent and soft, add seasonings and a few tablespoons of balsamic vinegar.
The balsamic vinegar will reduce into a syrupy glaze that will further soften and cook the onions. It will also deglaze the pan, incorporating the charred onions stuck on the pan.
The main difference between methods is that you'll use higher heat for the balsamic vinegar onions. Instead of slowly cooking over low heat, you'll increase the heat to medium.
The fat from the oil, butter, and balsamic vinegar provides moisture to keep the onions from burning while also reducing the cooking time by 15 to 25 minutes.