Twice Baked, Stuffed Sweet Potatoes
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Bake Sweet Potatoes From Frozen For The Fluffiest Results
If you want a fluffy baked potato, you might think the only option is a high-starch Russet. However, there's also a way to make a baked sweet potato come out nice and fluffy.
It might sound crazy, but freezing your sweet potatoes and then baking them makes them extra fluffy. This is because freezing the potato causes its water content to crystalize.
When crystallized, the water stays inside the potato instead of escaping, giving the flesh a moist and fluffy texture. It's best to start baking it at a lower temperature at first.
You can then finish the potato at a higher temp to caramelize it. This makes for a sweet potato that's as fluffy as a standard baked potato when eaten.
This technique is only needed if you're baking and eating whole sweet potatoes on their own. If you're planning to puree them or chop and roast them, there's no need to freeze.