baked feta cheese with tomatoes
Bake Feta In Foil For A Warm, Creamy Spread Full Of Tangy Goodness
Wrapping a block of feta, some seasonings, and a drizzle of olive oil in foil before baking it turns the cheese into a creamy, tangy spread that's comfortingly warm and aromatic.
Simply place a block of feta on a sheet of aluminum foil before piling your flavorings on top. Fresh garlic, chili flakes, and dried herbs work well with a glug of olive oil.
You can also add pomegranate seeds, pine nuts, or olives for flavor. A sweet element, like honey, maple, or pomegranate molasses, can help tame the saltiness of the cheese.
Wrap your foil around the cheese to make a well-sealed parcel and bake it for 10 minutes or so until the feta has reached a perfectly soft and spreadable texture.
Foil is a superb conductor of heat and keeps the steam and moisture within the pouch. This intensifies and retains the inherent flavors in the feta.
Baking in foil also keeps the inside of your oven clean and free of spills, burnt food, and odors. Plus, you can discard the used foil, virtually eliminating your cleanup time.