Japanese sweet potatoes
Bake Crème Brûlée In a Japanese Sweet Potato For A Luxurious Dessert
Asakusa, Tokyo has us drooling over the delicious crème brûlée baked directly inside a roasted Japanese sweet potato. Fortunately, it's possible to recreate this dessert at home.
Grab a few Japanese sweet potatoes from your local Asian supermarkets. Wash them and roast them in the oven at around 425 F until tender, which takes about an hour.
The simple crème brûlée base is easy to whip up and has just four ingredients: egg yolks, granulated sugar, heavy cream, and either salt or some miso.
Once the sweet potatoes are tender, hollow out about two to three tablespoons of the flesh, leaving the sides and bottom a little thicker to hold the crème brûlée base.
Pour the crème brûlée base in the hollowed sweet potatoes and bake it at 325°F for 30–35 minutes. Top with granulated sugar and broil or torch to melt the sugar coating.