Box of Italian cookies with parchment paper
Bake A Sheet Of Dough For A Different Approach To Cookie Cutting
Instead of cutting out shapes before baking, try baking a flat sheet of cookie dough. Once it’s baked, you can cut out cookies of any shape and size with clean, defined edges.
To do this, use your favorite cookie dough recipe, roll out the dough evenly, and press it into the corners of your baking pan. Aim for a uniform thickness to ensure even baking.
Once the cookie slab is baked, use cookie cutters to create shapes. Since it’s a solid slab, you can choose larger and more intricate designs without worrying about fragile edges.
Dipping the cookie cutters in flour or powdered sugar can also help achieve clean edges, but the best trick is to work quickly while the cookies are still soft and easy to cut.
Take any leftover cookie scraps and crumble them over ice cream, mix them with melted butter to make a pie crust, or even add them to other baked goods like brownies and cake.