Pile of cooked bacon on plate
Bacon Is The Key To Including Another Savory Protein Layer To Salmon Filets
Pairing bacon with salmon might seem like a recipe for protein overload, but they actually make a nutrient-dense, crave-able dish for all times of the day.
Lox, eggs, and onions is a classic New York City deli breakfast — toss some pepper-smoked bacon into the mix with some rye toast, and you have yourself a complete meal.
For an elevated brunch, you could whip up a salmon and bacon eggs benedict or chop the ingredients up for a savory omelet filling.
For dinner, fire up the grill for a smoky charred salmon filet wrapped in bacon and slathered with garlic butter. The possibilities are just endless with this pairing.
From a nutrition standpoint, one 3 ½-ounce serving of salmon packs roughly 25 grams of protein, and three slices of bacon add 12 more grams.
Considering the FDA's daily recommended protein intake for adults is 50 grams, one bacon-wrapped salmon filet puts you 75% of the way there.