Summer cheese board with fresh ripe fruits and berries served with rose wine, view from above
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Bacon Fat Cookies Belong On Your Next Charcuterie Board
Charcuterie boards have plenty of room for delicious meats, cheeses, nuts, fruits, and jams, but you should also try including baked goods in your spread. Bread and crackers may be classic, but for a special occasion, there's nothing better than biscuits and cookies made with bacon fat instead of oil for butter for a savory upgrade.
Using bacon drippings in baking recipes adds a salty, meaty flavor that is difficult to replicate with anything else. Crackers made with bacon fat pair well with creamy goat cheeses and soft bries, while savory bacon cookies go with any fruit spreads you include on your charcuterie boards for a unique salty-sweet experience.
If you want to carry the bacon theme into beverages you serve alongside the charcuterie board, bacon-infused bourbon can round out your sumptuous spread. Bacon fat can even add a complex layer of savory richness to sweets like chocolate chip cookies, or just go with a shortbread-style cookie for a simple bacon-y treat.