A bacon, egg, and cheese sandwich
Bacon, Egg, And Cheese: The History Of NY's Iconic Breakfast Sandwich
If we're talking about iconic
NYC bacon, egg, and cheeses, we're talking about bodega sandwiches. There are no
frills, no infused aiolis, and absolutely no garnishes.
It's not the sandwich that defines NYC, but how it's ordered, made, and eaten. It's requested in one breath, evolving into a new
word "baconeggandcheese"
and then eaten on the go.
Before New Yorkers picked up on the efficiency and deliciousness of bacon, egg, and cheese sandwiches, British street vendors were all over it during the Industrial Revolution.
Some historians credit overland trail pioneers with introducing quick breakfast to America, while others attribute it to Chinese chefs at logging camps.
What started as a strictly cheap and fast sandwich transformed into a NYC ritual that's cooked on a flattop in minutes to create an ooey, gooey, cheesy masterpiece.