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Avoid This Potentially Disastrous Wine Shopping Mistake
According to Forbes, 45% of Americans who drink alcohol put wine in their shopping carts on a regular basis. However, knowing which brand sells the best-tasting rosé is the least of your grocery run concerns because there's one wine-shopping mistake that could put your favorite drink in utter peril.
If you put your wine in the baby seat of your shopping cart because that is where people usually put fragile items like eggs and bread, your bottle may fall through and break. You can allay any worries about keeping bottles in the lower area by cushioning your wine with springy food items or filling a wine tote bag to stabilize them.
If you must put your wine bottle in the top seat, put up the plastic barrier, so your wine doesn't fall through the cracks. Then you can rest easy knowing your wine will stay safe and sound while you finish off your weekly grocery shopping.