Oven door open in kitchen with a pan in the oven with food on it
Avoid Lining Your Oven With Aluminum Foil. Use This Instead
When cooking messy foods in an oven, using aluminum foil to line the bottom may sound like a good idea, but this can do more harm than good to your oven and your food.
Using foil as a liner raises the temperature of your oven surfaces and causes foods to cook unevenly. It reflects heat away from the food and messes with the flow of hot air.
This can result in a dish that is overcooked in some places and undercooked in others. Foil can also damage your oven by melting at high temps and getting stuck.
Instead of foil, use a reusable silicone oven liner if you have an electric oven. Place these liners a couple of inches away from the oven walls to avoid interference with heat.
Sheet pans and casserole dishes are another option. Set a large sheet pan or dish under the vessel containing your food, so they'll catch any drippings and messy splatters.