Dark honey in a bowl with honey dipper
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Avocado Honey Deserves A Spot At Your Dinner Table
You may not know that avocado flowers can make delicious honey. While it may not be like the honey you’re used to, it’s an underrated condiment that deserves a spot in your pantry.
Avocado honey is specifically made with nectar harvested from avocado blossoms. It's similar to buckwheat honey, with a dark color, creamy texture, and less sweet flavor.
Avocado honey is perfect for spreading on toast or drizzling over sweet or savory meals. Yogurt, pancakes, pizza and chicken can all benefit from some of this honey.
In the United States, avocados are primarily grown in California, so that’s where you’re most likely to find avocado honey at a grocery store or farmers’ market.
Non-Californians can find it online from major retailers and local farm websites like Honey Pacifica Pure Virgin, Temecula Valley Honey Company, or San Diego Honey Company.
Once you have your avocado honey, it will maintain its quality for a long time. Unlike other honeys, avocado honey doesn’t crystallize as quickly and is less likely to ferment.