Tuna and potato patties served with spinach and greek yogurt on a light background, top view
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Australia's Favorite Tuna Patties Feature A Protein-Packed Ingredient
A tuna patty is a simple tuna-based fritter that can be flavored with everything from minced onions to fresh herbs to Old Bay seasoning, almost like a crab cake. While popular among harried home cooks everywhere, the tuna patties in Australia contain a special ingredient that is more associated with hummus and curries.
If you like chickpeas, you'll love Australian-style tuna patties, which use the ground legumes as the binder for the tuna mix. While many tuna patty recipes use either egg or potato in the mix to hold the cakes together, Australians simply blend drained canned chickpeas with some olive oil and mix it with the tuna and other ingredients.
The chickpea purée helps to keep the cakes uniform, and adds a toothsome texture, a nutty flavor, and plenty of protein to the patties. Once the cakes have been fried, The Spruce Eats recommends serving Australian tuna patties with a cooling yogurt and cucumber dip, while Taste suggests a green salad on the side.