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Are Those Cute Produce Storage Containers Worth It?
Extending the life of produce is all about proper storage. Today, you can even buy storage containers shaped like the produce you put inside, but you might wonder if they work.
Produce-shaped containers are adorable, but not space-efficient. A container shaped like a tomato, in which you can only store one tomato, is a unitasker for one purpose only.
With unitasking gadgets, chef Alton Brown points out that "You buy these items, you use them, and then they simply pile up.” These cute containers also don't stack in the fridge.
The containers either take up their own individual spaces in the fridge and cupboard, or you'll try to stack them and they'll fall, which could be a nightmare for small kitchens.
Lastly, Amazon product reviews say that these products seal fine, but not great. A Tupperware container is versatile, actually keeps your produce fresh, and takes up less space.