Large pile of dry kidney beans
Are Red Beans And Kidney Beans The Same Thing?
Although red and kidney beans are both red-hued beans, they have separate classifications, resulting in subtle differences in appearance, taste, color, and consistency.
Red beans are milder and aromatic, with sweet undertones and earthy nuttiness. Their coloration leans toward an earthy hue as well, compared to kidney beans.
Kidney beans, on the other hand, carry a deep, rich flavor that's sometimes described as smoky and slightly sweet, joined by a bolder aroma as well as a darker red hue.
Another noticeable trait of kidney beans is their thicker skins, generally requiring more soaking time when using dried versions over pre-cooked canned ones.
Kidney beans hold their form well for classic chili or saucy Indian kidney bean curry recipes, while also retaining a smooth inner consistency.