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Are Raw Potatoes Safe To Eat?
Potatoes are known for their versatility, and with uses ranging from crisp fries to creamy mashed and casseroles, it seems like there’s nothing these tubers can’t do. However, there's a reason why nearly every potato recipe calls for them to be cooked: eating raw potatoes can be a tricky nutritional choice.
Raw potatoes contain lectins, an "antinutrient" that can cause gastrointestinal issues, and is destroyed when cooked. Some potatoes also contain solanine, a compound that creates a green tinge to the flesh and can cause drowsiness, itching, and other side effects when consumed.
However, Healthline notes that raw potatoes are not dangerous to eat by default, and they contain high amounts of vitamin C and can have beneficial prebiotic effects. It's still hard to find recipes that use raw potatoes, and for many eaters, the risk isn't worth it — and that risk should be taken in moderation, at the very least.