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Are Dutch Process And Natural Cocoa Powder The Same Thing?
By Haland Kirsch
There are always a vast amount of variables in the kitchen, and although ingredients may seem to be nearly identical, there are often vast differences between them. This definitely applies to Dutch process and natural cocoa powder.
Natural cocoa powder and the Dutch process both use cocoa beans that are fermented, dried, roasted, and then processed. The Dutch process adds an extra step, as it’s incorporated into a potassium carbonate wash, which lowers the powder's acidity and creates a flavor that Serious Eats describes as "earthy, woodsy," and mellower than more acidic natural cocoa powder.
The big difference between the usage of the two powders is that the Dutch process can’t be used alongside alkaline leaveners like baking soda. However, if you are seeking a deeper flavor, and the recipe doesn’t call for a leavener, then the Dutch process powder may be the best bet.