Mashed potatoes in a bowl
Apples Are The Unanticipated Ingredient You Should Add To Mashed Potatoes
Mashed potatoes are a beloved comfort food and pretty much perfect on their own, but if you want to add interest and a unique quality to your next batch, try adding apples.
Apples add a sweet and tart flavor, giving dimension to your mashed potatoes. For a sweeter mash, use Red, Golden Delicious, or Honeycrisp; for a tart flavor, use Granny Smiths.
This dish is called Himmel und Erde or “heaven and earth” in German. For a traditional recipe, you'll need apples, potatoes, onions, butter, nutmeg, salt, and pepper.
The apples and potatoes are boiled together, combined with the butter and seasonings, and mashed until smooth or chunky. The final step is to top it with caramelized onions.
These potatoes are commonly served with blood sausage or bratwurst, but their slightly sweet taste also goes well with salmon, pork chops, ham, roast beef, and turkey.