Bottle of Aperol and a glass of it
Aperol And Beer Combine For An Easy Refreshing Cocktail
When Aperol meets Miller High Life or any lager beer, it becomes a Spaghett cocktail. Miller High Life is traditional for Spaghetts, but any mild lager-style beer will work.
The dominant flavors in Aperol are orange, bittersweet botanicals, herbs, quinine, and smoky vanilla, which will all elevate the existing flavor profile of any lager beer.
To make a Spaghett, Simply pour out or drink about an inch of your lager, then slowly pour Aperol into the bottle until the mixture achieves a bold peach color.
If you’re using canned beer, you can assemble your drink in a chilled tumbler glass using 10 ounces of beer and 1 ounce of Aperol.