Host Athony Bourdain speaks on stage during the DC Central Kitchen's Capital Food Fight event at Ronald Reagan Building on November 11, 2014 in Washington, DC.
Anthony Bourdain's 'Stunt Turkey' Tactic To Wow Dinner Guests
Chef Anthony Bourdain advised that if you want to dazzle dinner guests, whip out a “stunt turkey”: a smaller, painstakingly crafted, give-it-your-all table turkey meant to impress.
In his cookbook “Appetites,” Bourdain says a stunt turkey should be dressed “like a showgirl with chop frills and elaborate fruit garnishes on a bed of old-school parsley or kale.”
Since this decoy turkey is meant to be a centerpiece to impress your guests with, you should baste, season, and stuff your turkey to your heart’s content.
Meanwhile, the turkey that you actually plan to carve up and serve sits in the kitchen. It doesn't matter if this one is photogenic because the only person who will see it is you.
To make a perfect stunt turkey, Bourdain recommended using a 10-pound bird. He said garnishes, butter, salt, and pepper are all it takes to make a turkey that'll amaze guests.