Anthony Bourdain
Anthony Bourdain's Ritual For Getting To Know A New Food Town
When chef-slash-writer Anthony Bourdain visited cities around the world, he wouldn’t eat at Michelin-starred restaurants. On the road, he was all about eating like a local.
The first thing Bourdain did in a new city was head to the local market. He told Men’s Journal, "You really get a sense of what a culture loves most dear."
Eating at local markets provides an inspirational, dimensional image of a city’s people and their history and, according to Bourdain, is a good way to avoid foodborne illness.
Bourdain told CNN, "If the local people are eating it, and a lot of them are eating it … we will eat that, and we will eat it with gusto."
Much of Bourdain's prolific career was spent shining a spotlight onto non-glamorous foods and the untapped rapture they can stir in even the most skeptical foodies.
Even in his home city, Manhattan, Bourdain raved about eating like a local at the most unfancy places — especially the wonders of the dirty water hot dog.