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Anthony Bourdain's Preferred Meal To Cook At Home Was A Classic
Chef Anthony Bourdain once said that some of his most prized moments as a chef were returning home to cook for his daughter, and he often made one specific meal.
"If I were to make something at home for a family meal, it would be linguine with white clam sauce," Bourdain said. "It makes me happy to cook it, and it goes over well."
Bourdain included the recipe in his cookbook "Appetites." One home chef wrote on their Wordpress blog, "This was by far the best clams in white sauce recipe you will ever make."
Made with oil, butter, garlic, and red pepper flakes, the clams in the pasta take on a mild heat. "It gives you really stinky, garlicky breath," Bourdain warned with a laugh.
Before serving, Bourdain added a generous slab of butter to the bowl of pasta and clams. He said this recipe is the perfect meal to serve alongside hearty pieces of bread.