Anthony Bourdain
Anthony Bourdain’s Least Preferred Chain Restaurant On The Planet
Despite traveling around the world to dine at some of the finest restaurants in existence, Anthony Bourdain was no snob, and loved to visit some fast food joints as well.
One of Bourdain's favorite places to eat was In-N-Out Burger, but on the flip side, he avoided another American burger chain at all costs: Johnny Rockets.
Johnny Rockets is known for its retro aesthetic, complete with old jukeboxes and 1950s color schemes. However, Bourdain's experience at an airport location was far from fun.
Bourdain said of his meal there, "They throw a cold burger halfway on a bun, reach into the basket for some pre-cooked fries — they don't even dunk it in the grease."
He continued, "They slid it across at me and we all stood there silently for a second, kind of sharing this moment of perfect misery."
Bourdain was shocked that the workers simply didn't care about the product or the customer. "Much of my career, I was paid minimum wage," he said, "[but] I tried a little hard."
Bourdain still received criticism from some, saying he wouldn’t care either if he were working in an airport fast food restaurant, but he had basically been there and done that.