Anthony Bourdain posing by a wall.
Anthony Bourdain's Favorite NYC Pizza Place Is A Brooklyn Institution
The late Anthony Bourdain was well-versed in fine dining, but he could also appreciate more casual dishes — including a good slice of pizza.
Just like everyone else, Bourdain was well aware that New York City is home to some of the best pizza, and he was a fan of Brooklyn's Di Fara Pizza.
Bourdain called this family-run establishment "the best of the best." It was opened in 1965 by Italian immigrant Domenico De Marco.
De Marco was also the only chef who made the pizzas until his death in 2022. Thanks to the recipes and techniques he passed down, you're guaranteed a well-made pizza.
The restaurant's prices are high, but the quality is authentic. It gets its ingredients imported from Italy, so you're genuinely getting authentic Italian pizza every time.
Despite being expensive, the restaurant is known for its long lines and has racked up nearly 4,000 reviews on Yelp, leading to its four out of five-star rating.