Chef Anthony Bourdain leaning against a wall
Anthony Bourdain's 5-Ingredient Mortadella Sandwich Anyone Can Make
Anthony Bourdain was a legendary foodie, and of all the foods Bourdain loved and created, the best and easiest to put together may be his 5-ingredient mortadella sandwich.
Mortadella is a salty, cured pork with chunks of fat and pistachios, and it makes an excellent sandwich when paired with a Kaiser roll, Dijon mustard, mayonnaise, and provolone.
As outlined in Bourdain’s 2016 cookbook, "Appetites," heat a few slices of Mortadella in a pan until crisp, and add the provolone. Then, in the same pan, toast the Kaiser roll.
Once toasted, add your Dijon mustard, mayonnaise, meat, and cheese. From there, you can change up the recipe with different bread, cheese, or mustard, or add pickles and onions.