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Anthony Bourdain Worshipped One Sandwich Shop
Though he built a career on international travel, Anthony Bourdain had a soft spot for the Seattle food scene, and there’s one Seattle sandwich shop he was particularly devoted to.
Bourdain called sandwich shop Salumi “a holy place,” adding that “If you're going to wait in line for an hour and a half any place in this world, you'd want to do it at Salumi.”
Bourdain first experienced Salumi in 2007 on an episode of “No Reservations,” and quickly became a convert in part due to the shop’s legendary cured meats.
The deli boasts 4.5 stars on Yelp thanks to popular options like the porchetta sandwich with braised pork shoulder, Calabrian chili chimichurri, roasted onion, and pickled peppers.