Anthony Bourdain
Anthony Bourdain Had Some Of The Finest Hummus In Lebanon
Lebanon is a hidden gem when it comes to tourism, and Anthony Bourdain was determined to highlight it. When he visited Beirut, he had nothing but kind words about the experience.
There were many things that Bourdain loved about the city, and one of them was the hummus from restaurant Le Chef, which is well-known for its simple and authentic cuisine.
Their traditional hummus follows a straightforward recipe, but Bourdain tried an elevated version that featured a topping of pine nuts and ground lamb.
The hot ground lamb pairs well with the cool smoothness of the hummus. The toppings allow the hummus to feel more like a complete dish, rather than a dip.
Regarding Lebanon, Bourdain commented that "people are proud of their food and their culture and their country," which made his dining experiences there quite special.