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Angel's Envy Wouldn't Have Been Created Without A Master Distiller Unretiring
They say that if you choose a job you love, you'll never work a day in your life, and this adage certainly proved true for master distiller Lincoln Henderson.
After he retired from one of America's largest spirits and wine companies, Brown-Forman, in 2004, he returned to work just two years later to create Angel's Envy bourbon.
He'd thought for a long time about aging bourbon in port barrels but didn’t have a chance to do until his son Wes, convinced him to enter into a father-son partnership.
Angel's Envy became an immediate smash hit after its 2011 release, earning Spirit Journal’s "Best Spirit in the World" title in 2013.
Lincoln Henderson passed away in 2013, and Wes Henderson stepped down from the company in 2022 after joining his father in the Kentucky Bourbon Hall of Fame.
Today, Angel's Envy is made by the Louisville Distilling Company, a Bacardi subsidiary, where Licoln’s grandson Kyle still works as a Production Manager.