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Andrew Zimmern's Trick For The Perfect Chewy Chocolate Chip Cookie
You can’t go wrong with soft, crispy, or chewy homemade chocolate chip cookies, but in a poll by National Today, 65% of responders said they prefer chewy cookies. Technique and baking times can influence the texture of cookies, but celeb chef Andrew Zimmern knows which ingredients to use to get a surefire chewy result.
In a video on his website, Zimmern states that if you want a cookie that is “crisp around the edges” and “soft in the middle” with plenty of chewiness, pay attention to the sugars you add to the dough. He says that a combination of white sugar, brown sugar, and corn syrup is a winning formula, rather than white sugar and brown sugar alone.
King Arthur Baking explains that brown sugar creates chewy cookies because it has a higher moisture content than white sugar. Chewiness also depends on using less sugar, since sugar makes cookies spread out and become thinner as they bake, and decreasing baking times, to prevent the cookies from turning too crispy and crunchy.