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Andrew Zimmern's Tip For Just Plain Better Deep Fried Turkey
To safely and more efficiently deep-fry a turkey, Andrew Zimmern recommends cutting it into smaller parts to reduce cooking time, prevent overcooking, and minimize oiliness.
Additionally, turkey breast, being white meat, requires less cooking time compared to the dark meat found in legs and thighs. This method maintains balance to ensure even cooking.
By frying just a few pieces at a time, you'll also use less oil, which saves money, makes for less waste, and means you don't have to work with a huge vat of the stuff.
Zimmern also suggests wet brining the bird with seasonings for a few hours, then allowing the meat to dry out completely in the refrigerator, to achieve juicy meat and crispy skin.
Finally, for a super crisp crust, Zimmern suggests dipping the turkey parts in buttermilk and dredging them in seasoned flour. This yields brown, crunchy skin after frying.