Cast iron skillet of mac and cheese on top of napkin
Andrew Zimmern's Mac And Cheese Includes 4 Types For Ultra-Creamy Results
Andrew Zimmern’s mac and cheese recipe is all about the decadent sauce, with four different cheeses and a rich base that uses a roux for ultimate creaminess.
Zimmern uses rich, salty Parmesan, creamy, buttery Taleggio, mild, nutty Fontina, and tangy, sharp Pecorino Romano in his recipe for a blast of cheesy flavor.
The sauce begins with a cooked roux base of melted butter, flour, and milk. Slowly add cold milk to the flour, and whisk constantly as it simmers in the pot to avoid clumping.
Add the cheeses, pasta water from boiling the macaroni, and seasonings to complete the sauce. You can even get creative by adding more cheese varieties to amp up the flavor.