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Andrew Zimmern's Go-To Meatloaf Uses 3 Types Of Ground Meat
On his show "Bizarre Foods," chef Andrew Zimmern expresses plenty of affection for some of the most unconventional foods around the world. You might expect Zimmern's ideal meatloaf to call for game meats or perhaps bits of offal, and his recipe does call for three types of meat, but they're more on the conventional side.
Zimmern's "Grandma's Meatloaf" recipe calls for beef, veal, and pork, a classic meatloaf combo that isn't used as much today due to the relative scarcity of veal, but it's totally worth seeking out. Full-bodied beef provides savory flavor, veal adds a wonderful tenderness, and pork rounds things out with its signature richness.
Pork appears again later in the recipe in the form of smoky bacon. Zimmern also calls for the umami punch of canned tomatoes and tomato paste as well as a medley of vegetables, including celery and spinach, that help the meatloaf retain its moisture, making this a recipe truly worthy of a grandmother's approval.