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Anchovies Vs. Sardines: What's The Difference?
There are plenty of fish in the sea, so it’s only natural that we sometimes confuse one type of fish for another. Anchovies and sardines are small fish that are typically found in cans or jars, and while both of these fish pack powerful flavor into small packages, they have their own unique ways of being processed and used in the kitchen.
On top of being different species, anchovies are commonly cured in salt and oil, while sardines are canned or packaged in a fresher state with less additives and time involved. Both of these ingredients are “fishy” in flavor, but sardines are much less pungent than anchovies, which are smaller in size, but pack a bigger salty punch.
Both of these fish are often packaged whole with their bones intact, but anchovies are usually dissolved into sauces, dressings, or anything else that needs a flavor-enhancing boost of salt and umami (including pizza). Meanwhile, sardines are commonly eaten as whole, meaty filets by themselves, on toast, or in salads, pasta, and more.