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An Inexpensive Salmon Alternative You Should Try
The Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) revealed that the price of salmon hit a 40-year high at the beginning of 2022 due to worldwide biological and environmental issues. Given that the world is already undersupplied and the demand for salmon continues to rise, one fish might be a great alternative.
If you can’t afford salmon, buying some Arctic char is the best option; it’s a freshwater fish that looks like a hybrid between trout and salmon, with firm, flaky flesh, and dark red or pale pink color. Chars are part of the trout and salmon family, and raising these kinds of fish creates less pollution than fish farming in coastal waters.
Although Arctic char has a little less protein than salmon, it is a fantastic source of omega-3, has a similar fat content, and is comparatively cheaper than salmon. You can bake Arctic char and serve it with basil oil and lentils, grill it with spicy horseradish, or even broil it with a honey lemon glaze.