Coffee frappe drink with whipped cream and chocolate
An Ice Cube Tray Is The Only Thing You Need For Rich Frozen Coffee
A basic Starbucks Frappuccino can cost nearly $5, so to save money, make a frozen coffee drink at home that's just as rich and delicious. An ice cube tray is the secret weapon.
Making coffee ice cubes and blending them up is the way to produce the proper rich texture for your frozen drink. Standard water ice cubes dilute the coffee for lackluster results.
The night before you plan to make your drink, pour cold brew, brewed-and-cooled coffee, cold brew concentrate, or brewed instant coffee into an ice cube tray.
You’ll then add your cubes to a blender with liquid coffee, milk, and sweetener if you like. Add spices, syrups, vanilla, cocoa, or whatever else you please for your ideal drink.