A hand pouring salad dressing onto a bowl of veggie salad
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An Ice Cube Can Take Your Salad Dressing From Good To Great
Salads can serve as the star of your meal or as a complimentary side dish, and the dressing can really make or break the final result. Making your own dressing from scratch is a good start, and if you use this unconventional tip for your classic vinaigrette, herbal green goddess, or other recipe, it will come out even better.
An ice cube is all you need to take your homemade dressing to the next level. When mixing the ingredients in a blender or food processor, throwing in an ice cube or two quickly lowers the temperature of the other ingredients, which allows all the different dressing components to bind better and thicken into a silky, rich consistency.
The ice also helps to emulsify the mixture and prevent the liquids from separating, or "breaking," when served. You can also use this tip if you're shaking your dressing rather than blending it by putting some ice in your jar, squeeze bottle, or sealed container, then shaking the dressing well and scooping out any leftover ice chunks.