Raw pork steaks on paper with rosemary
Always Brine Pork Steaks Before They Hit The Oven For More Flavor
The best method for a perfect pork steak is in the brine. Since the introduction of salt breaks down proteins, the meat traps in more water, leading to a more tender result.
There are two options: wet and dry brining. For a dry brine, generously sprinkle the cuts with salt and let them rest in the fridge overnight, which will result in a crisp crust.
For a wet brine, you craft a liquid-based brine to infuse the steaks with additional flavor. Especially in an oven, this method is less prone to mushiness.
With brining, salt is the most crucial component. Especially in a dry brine, larger flaked salts like kosher work best due to their broader shape, which covers more meat.
In a dry brine, ingredients must be kept dry. However, feel free to incorporate spices like black pepper, cayenne, and other pepper powders.
Wet brines are much more malleable. Flavoring options include sugar, thyme or rosemary, garlic, ginger, and spices like allspice, bay leaves, and peppercorns.