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Alton Brown's Trick For Removing Watermelon Rinds The Easy Way
While Alton Brown’s popular cooking show “Good Eats” is no longer airing, the celebrity chef continues to give useful cooking tips and tricks to the public via social media. One of the most ingenious tips he has to offer shows you how to easily remove watermelon rinds, so you can stop buying lackluster pre-cut watermelon.
There are many reasons to love watermelon, from its sweet, refreshing flavor, to its numerous health benefits, not to mention this hydrating fruit becomes wildly popular every summer. To remove the pesky watermelon rind, Alton Brown recommends using a large knife and a wire cheese cutter with the inner wheel removed.
First, take your watermelon and slice it into 2-inch thick rounds. Take one wheel of watermelon and make a cut in the rind, then using your wire cheese cutter, insert it into the cut you made, and carefully glide it along the watermelon rind until a perfect circle of rind falls away. Repeat until the rest of the watermelon is ready for snacking or salads.