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Alton Brown’s Tool Tip For Carving Turkey
Due to inflation, turkey is more expensive than ever before, amplifying the pressure of an already intense holiday. Once you’ve cooked your turkey to perfection, the last step is to properly carve your turkey, so take a tip from Alton Brown and use the secret tool he prefers to perfectly cut turkey.
In a Food Network clip, Alton Brown instructs turkey carvers to “Get rid of granddad’s carving set and get yourself an honest-to-goodness carving knife and a pair of spring-loaded tongs.” While Brown has nontraditional views on cooking turkey — he insists that basting isn’t necessary — he stresses that proper cutting tools are a must.
Brown also recommends cutting the turkey on a cutting board lined with a kitchen towel to prevent movement. After situating the turkey, Brown slices into the meat with the carving knife while using the tongs to get a stable grip on the bird. Brown later uses the tongs to pull out turkey slices as they get cut.