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Alton Brown's Tip For Making Rice Fast
Celebrity chef Alton Brown always has cooking tips for both experienced foodies and amateur home cooks, and is known for his use of practical yet unconventional methods. Brown once revealed that he uses a combination of two common appliances to speed up the cooking process for rice.
In a YouTube video, Brown starts cooking his rice on the stovetop with a little bit of butter and a generous pinch of salt, while boiling water in an electric kettle. Once the rice has been coated with the butter, Brown pours the hot water into the sautéed rice, covers the pot, and lets the rice cook for 20 minutes.
Brown's cooking style is known as the pilaf method. Boiling water in a kettle and then adding it to the rice provides a little more control over the amount of water, and is especially beneficial for Basmati or jasmine rice, which should turn out fluffy and light, not too wet and dense.