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Alton Brown's Tip For Flattening Burger Meat And Maintaining Structure
Sometimes you don't need fancy kitchen tools to accomplish a task. Chef Alton Brown revealed that if you need to flatten meat, you can always use a cold bottle of wine.
This method will keep the meat nice and chill so it holds its form and doesn't become a mushy mess. It will also achieve an even thickness, ensuring your sliders cook uniformly.
If you are going to use a bottle of wine for this, it is important you start with a full one for the added weight to get a nice thin layer of meat.
For a firmer sheet of rolled-out meat, Brown recommends rolling out the meat onto a sheet pan and placing a piece of plastic wrap over the meat to keep the bottle clean.
Another bonus to using wine is that once your sliders are ready, you can uncork the bottle and enjoy it alongside your meal.