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Alton Brown's Space-Saving Storage Method For Keeping Spices Fresh
Alton Brown and his wife Elizabeth Ingram take special care when it comes to using their space kitchen effectively, including hanging pans on a wall and making a special area for brewing coffee. It should come as no surprise that the “Good Eats” host also has a space-saving method for keeping spices fresh and accessible.
In a Food Network video, Brown explains that light and heat are the two things that can ruin dried herbs and spices. That's why he lines the inside doors of his kitchen cabinets with strips of Velcro that his spice canisters attach to, which safeguards his ingredients and saves space, though a magnetic board can also work as well.
Brown revealed he gets his canisters for storing spices at a hobby shop, but they aren't airtight, so you may want airtight ones for yourself. He also cautions that even with the best storage, herbs and spices do not last forever, which is why he changes out his spices every six months to ensure that they are as flavorful as can be.