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Alton Brown's Simple Trick For Keeping Scrambled Eggs Warm
It’s hard to find a kitchen staple more versatile than the egg, and of all the ways to prepare them, few methods are more popular than scrambled eggs. Scrambled eggs are quick and easy to make, but their most common pitfall is that they get cold quickly — thankfully, celeb chef Alton Brown has provided a solution.
In his recipe for Perfect Scrambled eggs, Brown writes, “I strongly suggest you park an oven safe [plate] in a low oven or in hot water while you're cooking. Cold plates suck the heat right out of food.” Serving your eggs on warm plates or keeping batches of eggs on hot plates while you cook up more is a great solution.
Brown recommends slipping heat-safe plates into a hot water bath to warm them up. Fellow Food Network host Nigella Lawson suggests a five-minute soaking time for the water bath method method, but also says you can place the plate(s) in an 200 degree F oven or a toaster oven for five minutes before serving.