Woman peeling potatoes over a kitchen table during day.
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Alton Brown's Preferred Type Of Vegetable Peeler
Modern-day kitchen tools and appliances make our life easier and more convenient; in fact, one kitchen tool we all know and love is a food peeler. While there are about 14 of them out there to pick from, two of the most common types of peelers you will find in a kitchen drawer are a Y-shaped peeler and a straight peeler.
For celebrity chef Alton Brown, he specifically prefers and recommends the "harp" peeler, which is a Y-shaped peeler. Explaining his preference, Brown said, “They usually have a deeper, wider bite so they're really adept at handling heavy peels and large surface areas like a really big eggplant. I also like these for shaving chocolate."
According to Home Stratosphere, the Y-shaped peeler doesn't favor left or right-handed folks and can be used easily by either. It also allows for a "fluid motion" making it quicker to peel food and makes for a clean peel, free of nicks in your carrots, eggplants, and cucumbers—Kuhn Rikon Swiss peeler is a widely suggested Y-shaped peeler.