Delicious, Pumpkin Spice Bundt Cake frosted with brown sugar frosting and walnuts oven a rustic wood table background.  Top down view.
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Alton Brown’s Plastic Wrap Trick Makes Coating Bundt Cake Pans Easy
Celebrity chef Alton Brown is known for his handy kitchen hacks and delicious twists on classic recipes. From adding mayo to eggs to make them extra creamy to teaching home chefs how to properly carve a turkey, Brown offers plenty of cooking advice, but sometimes gets into baking as well, and he has one great tip for making bundt cakes.
Bundt cakes are popular year-round, but they step into the spotlight during the holiday season. With tons of sweet glazes and crunchy toppings to choose from, there are many reasons to love these decorative cakes, until you try to remove them from the cake mold and they don't release properly, leaving you with a crumbly cake disaster.
To avoid sticking issues, Alton Brown recommends coating the inside of the bundt pan with butter, sprinkling a bit of sugar or flour over the coated pan, and then covering the top with plastic wrap. Then, shake the bundt pan to distribute the powdery flour or sugar all around the inside until it is perfectly coated for a DIY no-stick finish.