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Alton Brown’s New Hot Sauce Will Give Your Holiday Cooking A Kick
Alton Brown is a serious hot sauce fan, and during his notorious appearance on the “Hot Ones” YouTube series, he called the spiciest hot sauce option “smart” for its notes of ginger. Brown has developed a clever hot sauce of his own, featuring flavors that make it perfect for the holiday season.
Alton Brown announced his new hot sauce on Twitter, calling it a hot sauce geared for the holidays. The sauce is aptly named Holiday from Heck and is packed with notes of pumpkin, molasses, ginger, and in Brown’s words a “whopping wallop of habanero.”
It’s unknown when or where the sauce will be released, and fans are clamoring to find out more. If you can’t wait to get your hands on a holiday-themed hot sauce, there are other options available. Craic Hot Sauce makes a Golden Pumpkin hot sauce, or you can try your hand at making one yourself!