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Alton Brown's Ingredient Swap For Perfect Homemade Ice Cream
Back in Season 1 of "Good Eats," Alton Brown's secret for creamier vanilla ice cream was to replace three tablespoons of the sugar with peach preserves. The celeb chef says this adds "extra smoothness in my ice cream and a little accent flavor," but if you're not a fan of peaches, Brown has a brand new hack for you.
Brown's revised, peach-free vanilla ice cream recipe from his cookbook, "Good Eats 4: The Final Years," replaces the peach preserves with liquid pectin. This ingredient helps to emulsify the ice cream in a similar way to the fruit pectin found in preserves, creating a super-creamy and smooth texture.
To try Brown's new hack, you might have to hunt around when shopping, since not every supermarket carries liquid pectin, but it will be worth it. Now you can please any palate with ultra-creamy vanilla — or vanilla peach — ice cream at home with just one simple substitution.