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Alton Brown's Hilarious Blue Apron Meal Kit Review
In an episode of Alton Brown's YouTube show, “Quarantine Quitchen,” Brown’s wife, Elizabeth Ingram, ordered a Blue Apron meal kit. However, Brown thought following the kit’s cooking instructions was too “boring,” and he eventually says, "I say we look at all of this and just make whatever the [expletive] we want ..."
The episode has lots of cooking highlighted by plenty of entertaining banter and cocktails. Despite all the hijinks, Brown and Ingram created a meal Brown deemed "one of the best meals we've made on this show," using a custom selection of Blue Apron ingredients, like ground pork, rice, squash, poblano pepper, red onion, and pita.
Ingram described the dish as Middle Eastern Mexican, while Brown challenged Blue Apron to send them a box of leftovers and let them loose in the kitchen. Viewers weighed in with comments, including this one from Huntsman Pixie — "​Alton Brown is by far one of the most humorous men on YouTube. Hazaah!"